• Banner1 Wooden sunglasses
    These retro wooden sunglasses are made
    from a wenge wood and oak wood.
    Quality lenses from Carl Zeiss.
    As the finish was used floor wax.
    They are suitable for both men and women.
  • Banner2 Wooden AXE
    Can wooden axe cut wood?
    Axe is made from beech and nut wood.
    Blade is formed by metal plates.
    Handle is shaped for holding in one hand.
  • Banner3 Slingshot
    Simple slingshot for fun.
    This slingshot is made from nut wood and ash wood. Made by bending.
  • Banner4 Bastard headphones
    Comfortable headphones with unique design.
    Material for these headphones is leather ,wood and metal.


Bastard headphones

My first Headphones as I want.)

Wooden axe

Light axe for any case :)

Simple bow

Simple bow just for fun :).

Snake Cube

Project with small cubes. It is a good brain teaser :) 27cubes of two colours will make big Snake cube..

Superman shelf

Superman shelf. Dimension 158cm width and 109cm height. Material MDF and veneer.


It is easy to make your own stylish sunglasses in retro style.

Wooden flowers daisy

Everlasting flowers is a perfect gift for everyone.


Make it your first wooden slingshot.

Corner protector

Protect yourself from sharp corners with help of corner protector.

Dowel maker

How to make dowel maker.